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Additional Reading and Maps

The Geographer, by Johannes Vermeer.

How to do the Additional Reading Exercises (HTML)

Map Exercise Tips (HTML)

These exercises require students to examine maps and read historically significant primary documents (most of which are located on other websites), for the purpose of: 1.) Improving students' reading skills and comprehension and 2.) Improving students' geographic knowledge.

Although I have done my best to choose websites that are primarily educational in nature, I am not responsible for any content, advertising, or further links any site may contain. Your use of these links beyond this page consitutes an understanding of this statement.

If you find a broken link, please let me know at once. If you discover a web site that you think is superior to any included here, please also let me know. I may replace it with the one you found. Thanks!

Make sure you choose the correct link!


open book iconHIST1301 Additional Reading Exercises (AREs)
map iconHIST1301 Map Exercises (MAPEXs)


open book iconHIST302 Additional Reading Exercises (AREs)
map iconHIST1302 Map Exercises (MAPEXs)

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