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HIST1301 Map Exercises

Before starting, read these Map Exercise Tips.

It is my firm belief that History and Geography are inseparable, for the simple reason that both are so obviously affected by the other. Moreover, along with other educators I am distressed by the seeming lack of geographic knowledge not only among college students but the population as a whole. For these reasons, and therefore because I am convinced that my students will benefit from it, I include a map study component in both my History courses. Below, students will find links to the maps that make up that portion of the course, along with the downloadable Map Exercises that I require students to complete.

NOTE: In order to read/download/print the assignments, which are provided here as PDFs, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader installed on your computer. If you do not have the reader pre-installed or need an update, you can get it for free from Adobe Reader for Windows or Adobe Reader for Mac.

John Smith's New England map, 1616

HIST1301 Part 1 Map Exercises
Exploration, Discovery & Colonization

British Colonies 1777

HIST1301 Part 2 Map Exercises
Revolution and the New Republic

United States and part of Louisiana

HIST1301 Part 3 Map Exercises
The Early Republic

Military Map of the United States 1862

HIST1301 Part 4 Map Exercises
Civil War and Reconstruction

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